• Staff recruitment and HR solutions are guaranteed with us.Save time and money by simplifying your processes.

    Staff recruitment and HR solutions are guaranteed with us.
    Save time and money by simplifying your processes.

    • Professional Employer Organization (PEO)
    • Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
    • Selection and Recruitment
    • Private Employment Agency
    • Payroll and Payroll Related Services
  • Outsource your local business processes to our experts by our back-office support services.

    Outsource your local business processes to our experts
    by our back-office support services.

    • Experienced team in office support services.
    • Tailor made solutions to your needs with a client-centric approach.
    • Service flexibility, professional support.
    • Prompt processes that comply with local regulations.
    • Continuous support.
Payroll Outsource and Human Resources Solutions

(Payroll Outsource and Human Resources Solutions)

Payroll Türkiye, is the leader payroll outsource service supplier located in Istanbul, Türkiye. Payroll Türkiye's main difference among its competitors is; we gather global expertise with local knowledge. We not only support your entity with payroll solutions, we also provide you with the most appropriate, tailor made human resource (HR) solutions that are designed specifically for your local establishment.

Professional Employer Organization - Sponsor Employment Service

(Professional Employer Organization - Sponsor Employment Service)

Payroll Türkiye offers support its valued clients with recruitment and employment processes. With our government approved private employment agency, Pera Kariyer, we provide you employment solutions for the personnel whom is outside your norm staff. PEO services provide you to ease your workload where we employ the personnel at our company on your behalf. Our clients can benefit from this service not only in Istanbul, but all around Türkiye.

Back Office - Business Process Outsourcing

(Back Office - Business Process Outsourcing)

Your entity for sure requires back office support services as aside the main business processes. Payroll Türkiye designs and provides you with the strategic support solutions, where your entity focuses on the main business and we take care rest of the business processes on your behalf. You can manage your processes with us in many areas from office management services; sales and marketing to your corporate training and consultancy needs.


Online Accessibility

Access your pay-slip from anywhere, anytime.


With the unique login information, your system access information is secured.


Eliminate print-outs, save paper.

For all advantages,

10 Reasons for Payroll Outsourcing

1. Cost Savings

It eliminates the high cost of HR departments for all payroll processes; such as training, appropriate software, and the need for qualified personnel.

2. Productivity

By outsourcing the supervision of administrative affairs, companies can focus on their core business areas and deal with more productive projects, and such that they can increase their efficiency and gain a stronger place both in local and global markets.

3. Accuracy

An outsourcing service provider with all kinds of knowledge and experience in its field, will eliminate all negative processes which may be caused by possible payroll errors with its current legislative infrastructure and the services offered, both before employers-employees and legal authorities.

4. Reliability

The reliable execution of HR activities is directly related to the efficiency of the employees of that department, therefore the HR processes of a company receiving outsourcing services will be able to carry out its operations without interruption in cases such as sick leave or annual leave of employees and will not be affected by adverse conditions that may arise from labor shortage.

5. Velocity

Thanks to our expert team with extensive technological infrastructure and possibilities, our company performs even the most complex payroll operations accurately and consistently with high level advisory and fast solutions.

6. Security

The processed payroll calculation is delivered to you as per your request and in line with your business structure, with the highest level of confidentiality that prevents any third-party access.

7. Reporting

By having the opportunity to both analyze and generate payroll reports according to your needs and business structure, you will prevent troublesome processes that may be encountered in in-house payroll activities.

8. Privacy

In order to ensure information security; all wage information and employee records are kept confidential.

9. Timeline

The outsourcing firm will have the responsibility for the execution of payroll transactions and payroll with a schedule that will be created according to the payroll input, payment and payroll cut off dates you determine, therefore you will be able to carry out your own business processes peacefully.

10. Legal Responsibility

All legal responsibilities related to all activities to be carried out during the payroll processes will be fully borne by the outsourcing company to compensate the penalties that may be encountered, fulfill the obligations and eliminate errors.

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