BPO (Business Process Outsourcing)

For an entity, being able to manage back office (support) services punctual and on time simultaneously with the actual business processes, has a crucial impact on the success of the company. Organizations that need to emphasize their energy and workforce on such back-office services instead of their actual specialty will face additional unnecessary costs at the end of the day. Having the right vendor who will provide support on your back-office services that shares the same vision with you and trustworthy will have direct impact on increasing the organization's profits. The essence of outsourcing is having the right and innovative solutions to answer your needs.

Payroll Türkiye; is the leader in its field in Türkiye with the customized service solutions for your local entities.

As Payroll Türkiye, thanks to our advanced technology, we meet all your needs in the most comfortable, most practical and reliable way with a single service description and a single invoice. We create and structure the most innovative service definition specific to your needs that will help you to improve your processes and efficiency.

Türkiye and especially Istanbul are regional hubs for innovation and entrepreneurship. With the constantly growing economy and political developments in Türkiye, the legislation goes through amendments quite often and this leads a conflict for the organizations who aim to only focus on the market, but not the legal changes and compliancy measures.

Our team has hands on knowledge on every legislative change and structure solutions for you to overcome the bureaucratic obstacles and be 100% compatible with the Law.

Our Back-Office Support Services are;

  • Full HR Services
  • Support for Sales & Marketing Processes
  • Employee Help-Desk System
  • Other Tailor-Made Customized Solutions


Payroll Outsource için 10 neden

PayrollTürkiye has the best answers and the highest level of solutions in Human Resources for your local entity in Türkiye. We provide our expertise and knowledge on consultancy, outsource, technology and training from our headquarter in Istanbul, under CottGroup®'s roof.

With the importance of its geopolitical importance, Türkiye and especially Istanbul is becoming a hub and center for attraction in investment between the east and the west. The increasing interest in the Turkish market brought along the requirement for coherence of global actors' HR processes and process management within the local entity with most up to date solutions. Therefore, it has become crucial for companies to have a trustworthy HR partner who has high level knowledge on the constantly changing legislation and applications. PayrollTürkiye steps in to provide the most accurate and appropriate solutions structured specific to your needs by developing and customizing the HR models with you.

Our job is to protect and have you manage your most valuable capital; "people" by creating and providing the most appropriate services for your entity.


Employee Life Cycle Management

  • New Hire, Termination Processes
  • Overview of Employee Contracts and Employee Contract Preparation
  • Recruitment Processes (new postings, offers and all regarding processes)
  • Performance and Competency Management
  • Job Analysis
  • Structure of Job Descriptions
  • Work Permit Application and Renewal Processes
  • Employee Transfer Services

Self Service - Online Services

  • Personnel Self-Service
  • Online Payslip Viewing
  • Online Leave Tracking and Leave Management
  • Offering you all of the features you can expect from an advanced HRM (Human Resources Management) System.(please visit: Informasoft® HRMS

Compensation and Benefits

  • Wage Benchmarking Calculation and Analysis
  • Advisory Services on General Application Processes and Employee Benefit Packages
  • Bonus, Premium and Commission Arrangements
  • Consultancy on Setting Up Wage and Promotion Systems

Employee Relations

  • Welcome Services
  • Schooling Consultancy
  • Real Estate Consultancy
  • Employee Help-Desk Services
  • Mentorship and Training
  • Coaching
  • Employee Development Plan Applications

Compliancy Management, Policies and Procedures (with the Turkish Law)

  • Advisory and Consultancy on HR Policy and HR Procedure Preparation
  • Advisory, Consultancy and Management on; Labor Law, Social Security Applications, Obligations Code, Income Tax and All Employee Related Legal Processes
  • Preparation and Archiving of Employee Files
  • Preparation of Employee Handbook
  • Personnel Background Check
  • Personnel Reference Check
  • Consultancy on Personal Data Protection Law

Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Regulation of Related Policies and Procedures
  • Legal Consultancy on Employee Cycle Protocols
  • Reconstruction Consultancy
  • Personnel Promotion Consultancy
  • Structure of Communication Plans
  • Process Consultancy (Labor Law, Social Security, Obligation Law and other Local Regulations)


Global experience, local expertise…

Payroll outsource service has more to it than simply having the pay-slips delivered to the personnel.

The way you can fully focus on your own core business is through a supplier who can master in the complicated Turkish Legislation and provide most appropriate, tailor made solutions to your global needs. With more than 100 employees, Payroll Türkiye (a member of CottGroup®) provides payroll outsource services and all human resources processes from all over Türkiye.

In Türkiye, payroll regulations and the related laws (Corporate Law, Income Tax, Obligation Law, Labor Law, Stamp Tax, etc.) are in constant development to comply with the EU Integration Law and the political developments. New incentives and practices constantly being put to practice to increase the trust and preferences of foreign investors to choose Türkiye for investment. Some of these incentives are directly related with the payroll calculations and has a great outcome on the companies. The government announces various incentives, which are quite complex in their nature and hard to calculate manually. With the assistance of our experts and technological infrastructure, we not only provide simple payroll processing, yet, enhance the service and conduct a calculation analysis and in depth reporting for the incentive eligibility of each employee which overall can come with high returns for your local entity. The Law on the Protection of Personal Data, which entered the Law system quite late in 2016, has also become a subject that needs to be closely monitored. Within the light of these regulatory processes, having your companies' payroll calculations and labor issues monitored and handled by the trustworthy experts compliant with the constant changing legislations have become a strategic decision for the companies. In major cities like Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir and Bursa, which have become the centers of attraction for investors in recent years, the number of firms that will provide these services in global standards is quite few.

Payroll Türkiye's experienced team has the necessary level of expertise and experience in operating and transforming the payroll and human resources processes for your company.


Upon reviewing your company structure, we structure and provide the most appropriate solutions for your payroll and HR processes. We not only calculate payroll but monitor the whole employee life cycle of your employees by starting the creating of employee records. Aside, we administer and submit your entity's social security declarations and own up to the legal responsibility where you're protected from any risks that might arise.

Our advanced incentive calculation and incentive management consultancy service conducted with the “zero error” principal realizes all the required analysis at a fast pace with accurate results, with automated processes.

We help you eliminate the processes that do not create additional value to your organization by preparing all the necessary reports that your managers need, accurately and completely in the day. Additionally, for the recruitment and employee termination processes, we ensure that you are prepared for all the risks that may arise in regard to the employer and employee benefits

We provide consultancy in the whole employee life cycle, new hire to termination processes. By overviewing your pay-slips; we suggest what to do and make sure you take full advantage of your legal rights to reduce your costs. We do not sacrifice from privacy and support the privacy of employees' wages.

By providing the necessary infrastructure, we present cloud based online solutions for personnel self-service applications on processes such as; online pay-slip viewing, leave requests and leave management, employee record updates and record management, etc. (Please visit; Informasoft® HRM)

By being able to integrate with many systems, we provide accelerated services in data collection.

We provide a variety of customized solutions to your company and your needs so that you can collect payroll data in a timely manner.

A customer representative and a backup customer representative are assigned specific to your organization for the management and operation of your processes

You can direct your questions and queries through the help-desk / ticket system to obtain quick answers. By this, you can create your own question and answer portal.

We provide full access to your digital archive.

CottGroup® has and maintains ISO 9001, 27001, and 10002 certifications. Of these, ISO 27001 ensures that our clients’ data is restricted to access, is securely encrypted, and regularly backed up. Furthermore, we have ISO 22301 Business Continuity certification and ISAE 3402 Type II certification, which assures that our services and operations are monitored and provided under the guarantee of the relevant standards of the certificate.

Our organization is granted the TSE service proficiency certificate.

Our services are guaranteed by a 2.000.000 USD insurance policy which protects our clients from any losses or damages that are directly related to our actions, information we provide, or responsibilities we take on

Our reports can be generated in Turkish, English and Arabic.

Our organization has a strict policy of same day response times to ensure prompt information flow and request fulfillment.

With the support of our IT and Software company, we provide online services such as leave, expense, and performance management systems which can alleviate the administrative burden of our clients.

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10 Reasons for Payroll Outsourcing

1. Cost Savings

It eliminates the high cost of HR departments for all payroll processes; such as training, appropriate software, and the need for qualified personnel.

2. Productivity

By outsourcing the supervision of administrative affairs, companies can focus on their core business areas and deal with more productive projects, and such that they can increase their efficiency and gain a stronger place both in local and global markets.

3. Accuracy

An outsourcing service provider with all kinds of knowledge and experience in its field, will eliminate all negative processes which may be caused by possible payroll errors with its current legislative infrastructure and the services offered, both before employers-employees and legal authorities.

4. Reliability

The reliable execution of HR activities is directly related to the efficiency of the employees of that department, therefore the HR processes of a company receiving outsourcing services will be able to carry out its operations without interruption in cases such as sick leave or annual leave of employees and will not be affected by adverse conditions that may arise from labor shortage.

5. Velocity

Thanks to our expert team with extensive technological infrastructure and possibilities, our company performs even the most complex payroll operations accurately and consistently with high level advisory and fast solutions.

6. Security

The processed payroll calculation is delivered to you as per your request and in line with your business structure, with the highest level of confidentiality that prevents any third-party access.

7. Reporting

By having the opportunity to both analyze and generate payroll reports according to your needs and business structure, you will prevent troublesome processes that may be encountered in in-house payroll activities.

8. Privacy

In order to ensure information security; all wage information and employee records are kept confidential.

9. Timeline

The outsourcing firm will have the responsibility for the execution of payroll transactions and payroll with a schedule that will be created according to the payroll input, payment and payroll cut off dates you determine, therefore you will be able to carry out your own business processes peacefully.

10. Legal Responsibility

All legal responsibilities related to all activities to be carried out during the payroll processes will be fully borne by the outsourcing company to compensate the penalties that may be encountered, fulfill the obligations and eliminate errors.

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(PEO) Professional Employer Services)


PayrollTürkiye (Pera Kariyer Çözümleri Ltd. Şti. - a member of CottGroup®) provides PEO (Professional Employment Organization) Service, all around in Türkiye as an umbrella company. In addition to employment services; PayrollTürkiye offers payroll outsourcing, temporary subcontractor services -acting as a sponsor party-, recruitment, relocation and many other client specific professional service designed according to needs.

We provide our clients a professional approach in PEO and payroll outsourcing services, not only in the metropole of Istanbul with a population of almost 20 million people, but also in projects established in all the other cities of Türkiye. Within the scope of the services we deliver our clients full compliancy in Labor Law, Social Security Law and mandatory Health & Safety measures.

As having great number of global and local clients, we have an excessive knowledge and expertise in the calculation of payroll for both local and foreign employees with the complex structure of Turkish regulation and legislation. We also provide consultancy on work permit application processes, since we cooperate with global clients and foreign employees. Please visit our website; workinturkey, to learn more about local regulation on work permit processes.

Additionally, PayrollTürkiye offers BPO Services (business process outsourcing) having a team of specialized experts in the fields of; marketing, assistance, information technologies and similar functions.


  • We provide compliancy with the local regulation in payroll calculation and all relevant processes.
  • Even though located in Istanbul, Türkiye; we can have employees work in different cities and countries.
  • We provide flexibility company expansion or downsizing to our clients by outsourcing support employment team.
  • We manage our clients business processes with a balanced budget, one stop shop service definition and with a single invoice.
  • We provide employment services aside the permanent staff.
  • We provide unlimited legal consultancy throughout the employment processes such as new hires and termination
  • We provide support and consultancy in wage benefit managerial processes.
  • We provide wage benchmark calculation upon demand, compliant with regulation.
  • We provide online system solutions to concepts such as but not limited to employee expense management, employee leave tracking, etc.
  • We have a built-in knowledge and great expertise in the needs of global companies and their adaptation to the local regulations.
  • We provide our clients the access to have all the needs of their employees welcomed by offering our Business Concierge Services from only one vendor.
  • With the employee help desk service, your employees can have accurate answers to their questions in no time.
  • All required legal documents of our clients and their business processes are archived in accordance with the legal timespan.


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Pera Kariyer Çözümleri Ltd. Şti. is a private employment agency under the supervision of İŞKUR'un with the license number 622, dated 13/12/2013.
In accordance with the Labor Law numbered 4904, no advantage shall be afforded or fee shall be charged to the applicants for employment, under any circumstance.